If you play contact sport it’s vital that you protect your teeth and jaw from injury. Midwest Dentures & Mouthguards can custom design a mouthguard to fit your mouth perfectly for ultimate protection.By having a mouthguard professionally fitted, it will greatly reduce the chances of tooth damage or painful laceration of lips and mouth. Mouthguards also assist in absorbing the impact which may cause a broken jaw or even concussion, plus breathing is not difficult when wearing a mouthguard.


Our mouthguards are comfortable, easy to wear and offer superior teeth protection, even for children’s teeth. Children are particularly vulnerable to sporting injury and parents should insist on the best possible protection.
Mouthguards are made from heavy duty, flexible, hard-wearing vinyl or laminates. Various mouthguard colours are available and can be custom made to suit your teeth.
A mouthguard is a specialised product that you put into your mouth to protect your teeth when you are playing a sport. If there is a risk of injury when you are playing a sport, you require a mouthguard. From little children to adults and all the people in between, require a mouthguard. Wear your mouthguard during training as well. Incidents of hitting the teeth do not only occur during a game!! There can be a cut to your lips and cheeks, broken teeth, concussion, neck injuries, knocked out teeth and injuries to your jaw bones or joints when playing the sport that you have chosen.